Add live customer support to your site quickly and easily with Chattalooga Web based help desk software. The Chattalooga live support software is based on PHP (one of the most popular scripting languages in use on the Internet today) and MySQL (a powerful Structured Query Language Database) and provides robust application delivery suitable for any size site - whether the single owner or the enterprise.

Chattalooga also provides you with an excellent CRM (client relationship management) tool allowing you to interact in real time with site visitors or use it to communicate with existing customers. In addition you can integrate your FAQ directly into the application saving you countless hours of support time.

Chattalooga help desk software allows you to provide live customer support at a price any site can afford. The cost/value ratio is simply one of the best on the Net when compared to other similar feature filled live support applications. Push webpages, initiate chats, track your PPC campaigns, transfer calls and much, much more. Please take our Online Tour to see all the features and benefits of Chattalooga Live Customer Support.

Proactive Initiate Chat

PUSH Web Pages

Proactive Survey

Multiple Chat Requests

Knowledge Base Integration

Track Visitor's Referral URL

Ad Tracking

Party is Typing Notify

Operator-to-Operator Chats

Text Link to Support

Call Transfer

Canned Responses/Commands

Load Balancing

Tracking/Page Views

Multiple User/Departments

Email Signature

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Chattalooga PHP Live Help is programmed with the PHP language and stores its data in a MySQL database. Our servers are dedicated to the Chattalooga installs only and this, in combination with our state-of-the-art Pentium based PIV servers provide you a stable and robust application.
Our servers are monitored 24 hours a day and boast a 99.7% uptime. Failover services are available for mission critical sites at prices affordable to most. More information about our 99.999% up time services is available on our pricing page.

The Technomax Group
Mississauga, ON, CA

Chattalooga Live Help! Why Not Get The Good One!

Welcome to Chattalooga Live Help - Live Customer Support Help Desk! - An Extraordinary Customer Care Solution - Hosted on our powerful dual processor servers. Just set up your departments, load your logo, cut 'n paste some HTML and you're ready to interact with your site visitors and customers. All you or your site vistor needs is a browser - no plug-ins, no server maintenance, no installations - just do what you do best!!

Now you can get one of the Internet's finest Live Support Desk and CRM Applications FREE with one of our powerful Hosting Plans. To get the details Click Here

Chattalooga PHP Live

With Chattalooga PHP Live Help! you bring a powerful, feature rich, affordable and highly scalable real time customer support system to life on your site. Just check the feature list on your left and sign up for a risk-free test drive on our Demo Page to find out for yourself. We are confident that the combination of price and performance will impress you enough to continue with the service.

Chattalooga PHP Live Help! is 100% Web-based for ease of use and employs the speed and stability of MySQL to provide a robust enterprise level customer support solution. It is hosted on our state-of-the-art 2.4 GHz Pentium Linux Servers so you need not concern yourself with complicated installations or support issues. Just do what you do best and leave the rest up to us. We have years of ASP (Application Service Provider) experience and are available to answer your questions and assist you in any way we can.

Now anyone, from a home-based business to a Fortune 1000 mega-site, can provide an impressive customer live helpdesk at prices that speak value and quality.


Easily add your FAQ allowing current customers and site visitors to access information quickly.

It's Time To Chat With Your Customers

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What Solution is Right for You?

Chattalooga PHP Live Help! is an ASP solution - no headaches with installs, support, server software requirements, using your own bandwidth. However, perhaps hosting your own CRM software is best for you. Read this article for more.

9 Available Language Packs

English Spanish French German Italian Danish Dutch Romanian Portuguese

Link Exchange and Link Popularity Service

Product Benefits

Chattalooga PHP Live Help product benefits

Chattalooga PHP Live Help! is affordable allowing you to offer your site visitors a pro-active tool that provides direct contact with them. Now you won't need a tech team to manage any software, do installs or updates because it's all done for you. You can also forget about buying tech support or training because Chattalooga Live Help! is easy to implement and use. It runs fully on our servers as an ASP model (Application Service Provider) for your total convenience and ease of support.

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Some of many Product Benefits

  • Chattalooga PHP Live Help! provides you with a simple interface to live help and is loaded with features that help you make sales.

  • Works on any computer with a Web browser installed (IE 4.x or better, Netscape 4.x or better) so you can answer support calls while on the road, in the office or at home.

  • Point of sale resolution answers client concerns and questions in real-time without the wait that most sites force upon ready-to-buy visitors.

  • Chattalooga PHP Live Help! is text-based and does not use Java Applets so your visitor does not need any special plugins or downloads to operate the application. Just a tiny snippet of Javascript is used for the chat window.

  • Embed Chattalooga PHP Live Help! right into your email marketing campaigns and put yourself right into your potential customer's mailbox. That is pro-active marketing at its best!

  • Chattalooga PHP Live Help! provides you with referral URL's and keywords used. Do you think that might help your marketing efforts? Find out on which search page your site was listed! Simple, easy to understand and free with the program service.

  • Of course the most salient feature of Chattalooga Live Help is its price. Why pay insane prices for services and bandwidth you may never need?

Pricing Comparison

Customer Testimonials

Chattalooga PHP Live Help product benefits

We take particular pride in what our valued customers have to say about us and Chattalooga. I suppose there's really nothing like a happy customer, so here's just a few of ours.

Mike Martina

City of Las Vegas

Outstanding program!! Also like to complement you, love the time now appearing in the chat. Really helps to show our operators just how long they are taking to respond. Nice new features elsewhere as well. Keep up the good work.


Ron De Silva

Canadian Mortgages

The survey and PPC tracking have been a boon to the marketing of our products. Chattalooga provides us with CRM at a most agreeable price but understanding the needs of our site visitors has been the real feather in our cap.

This program gets our highest recommendation.

Best Regards,

Ron De Silva

Don Watson

"I would would like to take this opportunity to tell you that I feel absolutely great about my subscription to your service. I read the traffic reports carefully and they provide me with valuable information concerning my website optimization efforts. And the price is right! You can count on my business."

Don Watson
Watson Prints

Here's what Dave Loewen of Crystal Air has to say: "This is simply the best live help solution for value, performance and features we have ever seen. After one year of use we are elated with Chattalooga and its multitude of features. The tracking and PPC optimization alone is worth the price. We give this service our highest recommendation".

Here's what Morey Benton of Tall Ship Models has to say: "The great part about our Chattalooga service is that it comes free with our hosting account - you need hosting anyway so why not get a superb help desk with it at no extra cost! Our Chattalooga service is used exclusively through a secure and private section of our site and has been truly appreciated by our clients who spend an average of $5000 per purchase. The hosting service has also been exceptional. We feel like we've hit the jackpot!!"

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